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Overview of DeSo Foundation and Community Servers and Guidelines

Official DeSo Foundation Discord

Join the DeSo Foundation Tech Discord Server!

Avoid scams

Please be aware that scammers often use Discord. Use these tips to reduce your risk.
  • No one from the team will ever ask you for money or offer you DESO coins for sale.
  • Deso / Node support will never DM you out of the blue.
  • We will never ask for your seedphrase, seedhex, or private key. Nor will we ask you on Discord for money.
  • Never provide any personally identifiable information.
  • Never give away your DeSo identity login information or seed phrase to anyone.
  • Watch out for impersonation scams
  • Report scammers to Discord server moderators

DeSo Community Discords

List of DeSO community Discords, which are managed and moderated by various community members:
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Avoid scams
DeSo Community Discords