Data Types

Description of common data types that appear in the Transaction endpoints


TransactionFees are additional transaction outputs. These additional outputs are a way for both node operators (who can specify additional fees for all transactions of a certain type on their node) and app developers (who can specify additional fees when make a request to construct a transaction).
"PublicKeyBase58Check": "BC1YLhtBTFXAsKZgoaoYNW8mWAJWdfQjycheAeYjaX46azVrnZfJ94s", // Public key of the user who will receive the additional output,
"ProfileEntryResponse": <ProfileEntryResponse>, // This is only provided when TranssactionFees are retrieved through admin endpoints when managing node-leve transaction fees
"AmountNanos": 10000, // The amount of DeSo in nanos this user should receive
For reference, TransactionFee is defined in the backend repo here.