Resources & Examples
Here is a list of libraries, examples, SDKs and other resources useful to those developing on the DeSo Blockchain.


These are unofficial packages and examples provided by the user community and therefore have not been checked for bugs, issues, or security risks.
So use them as examples and Do Your Own Research before running these.

Opensource Front ends & Extensions

SDKs / Libraries

    • Supports all DeSo Backend api functions
    • Upload image to
    • Upload image to Arweave
  • Dart SDK
    • Supports all DeSo Backend api functions
    • Get Exchange Rate
    • Get App State
    • Get coin holders
    • Get single user profile by pubkey or username
    • Get information about 1 or more users
    • Get a users followers
    • Get notifications
    • Get transaction
    • Submit transaction
    • Identity service
  • Cloudflare Workers DESO Embed Code - Enables DESO urls from showing good embed info on twitter, discord, and in google search.

Code examples