🌐DeSo Applications

An overview of ideas and applications in the DeSo ecosystem.

Are you building on DeSo? Submit your app by messaging @deso on-chain. Are you fundraising on DeSo? We recommend Openfund for easy web3 fundraising!



Decentralized Twitter The Web3 Twitter where creators and communities engage and earn


Decentralized Social Network (Mobile)

Experience the entire world of decentralized social as a mobile app


Decentralized Fundraising

A web3 social fundraising platform for projects and online communities


Decentralized Social Network (Global)

Experience DeSo in multiple languages across any country around the world

DeSo Chat Protocol

Decentralized Telegram

Open-source client for on-chain E2EE DMs and group chat messaging

DeSo Wallet

Decentralized Wallet Social wallet for all DeSo NFTs, Creator Coins, Tokens, Identity & Social Graph


Decentralized Coinbase Trade DeSo Tokens (Social ERC-20) on a non-custodial order-book exchange


Decentralized Instagram The final destination for creators to engage and earn with their fans


Cross-Chain Swapping Service Cross-chain swapping service that allows for any supported currency with no login


Decentralized TikTok / Snapchat Connect, share & earn with engaging stories for creators and fans


Decentralized Poker Play against GPT in online-poker with an on-chain leaderboard built on DeSo


Decentralized Google Meet Create magic by interacting with like-minded people on video calls


Decentralized LinkedIn

The web3 professional network to connect with like-minded individuals


Decentralized OpenSea Social-first NFT marketplace and community for artists and fans


Decentralized Medium

Next-generation ad-free blogging that pays you real money every day


Decentralized Pinterest A visual way to explore and find images posted on the DeSo blockchain


Decentralized Social Block Explorer

Analyze all social activity happening across the entire DeSo blockchain

Circle It

Decentralized Reddit / Communities Join and discover topic-based communities that can be gated by diamonds (tipping)


Decentralized Spotify Discover great music and podcasts and directly support the artists and creators.


Decentralized Reddit / Communities Find others who share your interests. Find new interests and others who share them.


Decentralized Cross-Posting Setu offers a bridge from web2 to web3 by allowing you to port over your content


Decentralized Node Farm Rewards Passive crypto reward benefits of running Web3 nodes with zero server management.


Social Engagement Chrome Extension Interact with the DeSo blockchain from anywhere with a simple chrome extension.


Analytics & Insights Social block explorer and dashboards for the decentralized social blockchain.


Decentralized Search Discover the magic of DeSo with blazingly fast search and advanced filters


Web2 <> Web3 Onboarding Cordify lets you interact with DeSo Blockchain on web2 platforms like Discord

DeSo Geo

Social Location Map See where everyone in the DeSo ecosystem is located throughout the world on a map.

DeSo Blogs

On-Chain Blog Aggregator See all DeSo blog posts published on the blockchain, categorized by topic.

Verified Creators

Decentralized Verifications Secure your identity, and differentiate yourself from web3 scammers

Gem Stori

Decentralized Social Network Consume DeSo feeds, media, and notifications in a fast and convenient app.

Embed DeSo

Embed DeSo Posts Consume DeSo feeds, media, and notifications in a fast and convenient app.

Shot DeSo

Screenshot DeSo Posts Consume DeSo feeds, media, and notifications in a fast and convenient app.


Notifications & Alert Service Receive alerts for content you care about so you never miss a post again!

Mint As NFT

Mint Tweets as NFTs Mint any tweet or twitter thread as an NFT directly on the DeSo blockchain

Mint Machine

NFT Minting Generator Custom generative NFT generator and minter for your NFT project using our codebase.


Decentralized Marketplace for NFT Books Spatium Stories is an NFT Book marketplace built on DeSo where you can securely publish, buy, and read NFT Books.

Post 2 Earn

Decentralized Advertising Engines The Post 2 Earn DAO takes advertising revenue and distributes them back to active creators for engaging on DeSo!

Add your project by messaging @deso on-chain: https://diamondapp.com/u/deso

DeSo Ecosystem

Explore more projects, apps, and builders in the DeSo ecosystem (maintained by the community via @mashelenn):

Ideas for Potential DeSo Applications

Here are a few ideas of what's possible to build on DeSo (fully on-chain):

  • Activity Feeds

  • AI-Driven Content Creation

  • Content Management Platforms

  • Creator Monetization Tools

  • Cross-Chain Swapping

  • Curation Services

  • DAO Tooling

  • Decentralized Media

  • Decentralized Order-Book Exchanges

  • Decentralized Social Networks

  • End-to-End Encrypted & Private, Token-Gated Apps

  • End-to-End Encrypted Messaging & Group Chats

  • Forums & Communities

  • Fundraising Platforms

  • Image Sharing Apps

  • Internationalized Social Feeds

  • Governance & Polls

  • Loyalty & Referral Programs

  • Long-Form / Blogging Platforms

  • Music NFTs and Discovery

  • NFT Virtual Ticketing & Access

  • NFT Marketplaces

  • NFT Minting Sites

  • Notification Services

  • Open-Source Algorithms

  • Play-2-Earn Gaming

  • Post-2-Earn

  • Q&A / Upvoting Apps

  • Social Analytics

  • Social Airdrops & Rewards

  • Social Betting

  • Social Leaderboards

  • Social Post Scheduling

  • Social Sharing & Listening

  • Social Wallet Apps

  • Talent Discovery Platforms

  • Video Sharing Apps

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