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Node: Setup

Description of steps required to download and start your node
Setting up a Deso Node is a simple process, but first verify that you have both Docker and Git installed.

Cloning The Repository

Create a folder where you want your node to be held then open your terminal of choice in that location.
Execute the command git clone in your terminal.

Download The Containers

Once the installation is complete navigate to the run folder with cd run and execute the command ./
A small terminal will appear and automatically download the containers for the node's frontend, backend, and nginx. This may take a few minutes.
Note in order to turn your node on or off open the Docker GUI navigate to the containers/apps tab, hover over the run tab, and hit the start/stop button to turn your node on or off.
Congratulations, your Deso node is now running locally! Navigate to or locahost:8080 in your browser to see your local instance.