2️⃣2️⃣ Frontend: React Example

Use this React example to start building your first app on DeSo

This is a simple Create React App project, but these examples can be easily ported to your preferred framework or build tool.

Github: https://github.com/deso-protocol/deso-examples-react

How to run these examples locally

Run the following in your terminal

git clone https://github.com/deso-protocol/deso-examples-react.git
cd deso-examples-react
npm i
npm run start

How to use this repository

If you want to port these examples to your own app, set up a project using the docs for your preferred tool (Create React App, Vite, Nextjs, Remix, Angular, Vue, etc).

If you're not sure, Create React App is a reasonable choice for getting a development environment up and running for quick prototyping/experimenting.

Next, install the DeSo Protocol SDK using your preferred package manager:

# npm
npm i deso-protocol

# yarn
yarn add deso-protocol

Finally, use the examples found in this repo to help you build social features for your application.

There are lots of comments throughout the code, but if anything is unclear, please open an issue!


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