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What is Social Tipping?

Because DeSo is money-native, it can tie tipping with content in ways that no other social network can. On DeSo, the core mechanic introduced is called "diamonds," and it functions as a like, only it allows users to give variable amounts of money to content.

In the screenshot above, a single diamond is a fraction of a penny while a six-diamond tip is ~$53.

All of this is instant, and the receiver of the tip immediately gets $DESO in their wallet for their content. Many users already earn thousands of dollars a week off of this feature alone, and as DeSo scales, the economics will only get better.

Just to do some math, imagine a post with 1 million likes gets 100,000 diamonds, worth on average ten cents each.

That's $100,000 in pure cash from just the diamonds!

Moreover, users typically get a higher ratio of likes to diamonds, but we wanted to be conservative in our calculations.

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