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DeSo Roadmap

Phase 2: The Internet of DeSo

Q4 2022
Long-Form Content Standard (Launched)
  • Today, people post long-form content to Medium, a centralized platform, or their own self-hosted blogs, which give them no distribution.
  • DeSo can combine the distribution of a platform like Medium or Twitter with the control and censorship resistance that comes from self-hosted blogs. And, of course, provide many untapped ways to monetize, like diamonds, NFTs, creator coins, and much more.
  • After DeSo standardizes long-form, we think we can make it the #1 destination to share long-form thoughts.
Q1 2023
On-Chain Group Chats with End-to-End Encryption (Launched)
  • DeSo is already the only blockchain in the world that can support on-chain fully censorship-resistant end-to-end encrypted DMs with on-chain social graphs and identity — and we are extending that functionality to group chats!
  • Users will be able to create fully end-to-end encrypted censorship-resistant on-chain groups and add + remove other users from them.
  • Similar to secure on-chain DMs, this will be an even more impressive “first of its kind” for DeSo.
  • We're calling this "The DeSo Chat Protocol"
Q1 2023
On-Chain Private Content with End-to-End Encryption (Launched)
  • Today, DeSo offers great “public square” functionality. Your posts are broadcasted publicly on-chain for everyone to see but people want to be able to make posts on-chain that only their followers can see.
  • DeSo will be launching an end-to-end encrypted on-chain solution for this, leveraging the innovations behind on-chain end-to-end encrypted group chats.
  • This functionality will enable new forms of censorship-resistant communication with followers, as well as new forms of monetization, like subscription models employed by apps like Patreon
Q1 2023
Associations (Launched)
  • DeSo will launch a new on-chain primitive called “associations,” which will allow users and app developers to create relationships between users and between users’ content.
  • This new primitive will be used to implement decentralized verifications, as well as on-chain “reactions” and on-chain “blocks” of other users’ content.
  • Associations introduce a decentralized form of authority, effectively implementing previous “web of trust” proposals from the early internet and academia.
Q1 2023
Listing Blitz (Continued Progress)
  • We will build a pipeline of exchanges and work with them all to list DeSo
  • This, combined with an increased focus on recruiting credible market-makers, should significantly increase global $DESO liquidity
  • New Listings:
Q1 2023
DeSo Social Wallet v1 (Launched)
  • A brand new self-custodial DeSo Social Wallet that offers a central place to see all of your social assets including NFTs, DeSo Tokens, Creator Coins, and Social Graph with one-of-a-kind features like NFT PFPs and Derived Key Management.
Q1 2023
Princeton x DeSo (Launched)
  • The Princeton x DeSo Startup Competition is a four-week hackathon-style event made for students looking to create and launch the Next Big Thing (using Openfund).
Q1 2023
Email My Followers Capability
  • Associations enable a very exciting feature, which is the ability to share one’s email with another user in an end-to-end encrypted way (e.g. when you follow another user).
  • With this, DeSo will be able to support a secure “email my followers” feature that any app can securely tap into with the user’s permission.
Q1 2023
The Decentralized Web and DeSo Vaults
  • Today, DeSo supports storage of social content: profiles, posts, follows etc… But soon we will be upgrading DeSo to support encrypted and unencrypted raw file storage.
  • Users will be able to use DeSo Vaults to store content directly onto the DeSo blockchain, allowing DeSo to take over the role Amazon’s s3 plays on the internet today
  • DeSo will also support rendering of static html pages uploaded to a DeSo Vault, making DeSo a new foundation for hosting a fully-decentralized internet. We call this The Decentralized Web.

Phase 1: The Social Layer of Web3

Phase one aims to solidify DeSo as a cross-chain “social layer” for all of web3, starting with a first-of-its-kind social integration with MetaMask and Ethereum Addresses.
Q3 2022
MetaMask Integration (Launched)
  • This launch will mark a transition from DeSo being a single-chain ecosystem to becoming a cross-chain “social layer” for all blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and many others
  • This launch can enable integrations with ETH-focused platforms. For example, NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Foundation, or OpenSea which have millions of MetaMask users in need of a decentralized social layer for comments, DMs, group chats, and much more.
  • With this launch, millions of MetaMask accounts will also gain access to the DeSo ecosystem
Q4 2022
Flux Integration (Launched)
Q4 2022
DesoDollar (Launched)
Q4 2022
MegaSwap Early-Beta (Launched)
  • We have been working on a platform we think of as the “Stripe for Crypto.” We have been beta-testing it on Openfund and Diamond, but soon it will launch publicly
  • The Megaswap platform will allow for the cross-chain exchange of any cryptocurrency for another via simple API
  • There is no other platform that allows blockchains to interoperate this way. Megaswap will be a global “money router” between all blockchains
Q4 2022
USD Treasury on Openfund (Launched)
  • The #1 request from top fundraisers when evaluating Openfund is to be able to raise with a USD treasury, which is now possible thanks to DesoDollar and Megaswap.
  • Openfund will support the ability to accept funds in *any* cryptocurrency (currently ETH, BTC, SOL, DESO, and USDC), and auto-convert to USD via DesoDollar.
  • Projects can raise from communities across many different blockchains, and then cash out their funds to USDC to achieve their goals.
Q4 2022
New COO Joins (Launched)

Phase 0: From Beginning to Present

Q2 2019
Early Research & Development Begins (Launched)
  • Nader Al-Naji begins exploring decentralized social use cases and learns that existing blockchains like Ethereum weren't equipped to handle the storage and indexing requirements of social media at scale
Q1 2021
Decentralized Twitter Prototype (BitClout) on DeSo (Launched)
  • Support for full Twitter functionality on-chain
    • Profiles, Posts, Follows, Likes, etc…
    • End-to-end encrypted DMs on-chain (unprecedented)
  • Creator Coins took the world by storm as the first asset class that enabled investing in reputation
  • Supported ~100k simultaneous DAUs, showing that the DeSo infrastructure can support decentralized social apps at scale
Q2 2021
First Listing on (Launched)
Q2 2021
Social Tipping aka "Diamonds" (Launched)
Q3 2021
NFTs on DeSo (Launched)
Q3 2021
DeSo Blockchain Public Launch (Launched)
Q4 2021
Derived Keys & Spending Limits (Launched)
Q4 2021
DESO is Listed on Coinbase (Launched)
Q1 2022
The Social ERC20 Standard on DeSo (Launched)
Q1 2022
Hypersync Launches (Launched)
Q1 2022
DeSo Javascript Framework (Launched)
Q2 2022
DeSo DEX Orderbook (Launched)
  • First-of-its-kind fully on-chain non-custodial order-book exchange, capable of supporting up to 40k matches per second.
Q2 2022
Openfund Beta Launches (Formerly DAODAO) (Launched)