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Description of flags related to the Onboarding proces and starter DESO
Note: Starter DESO Seed is required in order to send DESO to users for verifying their phone number or for verifying through Jumio.

Starter DESO Seed

Type: String
Default: None
Seed phrase that is used to send DESO to users who go through Phone Number Verification or Broken link, and to Comp Profile Creation

Starter DESO Nanos

Type: Integer
Default: 1000000
The amount of DESO given for verifying a phone number. Only active if Starter DESO Seed is set and funded. 1000000 nanos = 0.001 DESO

Starter Prefix Nanos Map

Type: String
Default: None
A comma-separated list of 'prefix=nanos' mappings, where prefix is a phone number prefix such as "+1". These mappings allow the node operator to specify custom amounts of DESO to users verifying their phone numbers based on the country they're in. This is useful as it is more expensive for attackers to get phone numbers from certain countries. An example string would be '+1=2000000,+2=2000000' which would pay user's with US phone number 0.002 DESO (2000000 nanos)

Comp Profile Creation

Type: Boolean
Default: False
If true, the public key derived from the Starter DESO Seed will send DESO to a public key when the public key makes a request to Update Profile to construct an UpdateProfile transaction that creates a profile if the public key has verified their phone number or verified themselves thru the Jumio process.

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