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Transactions: API

Transactions are the building material of every blockchain.
Transactions allow users to submit data to the blockchain which allows user to perform actions such as transferring DeSo, creating posts and profiles, and minting NFTs.
Transactions have three steps in their lifecycle
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    Construct: The first step for a developer is to interact with the DeSo Backend API through a transaction construction endpoint to get an unsigned user transaction. Social Transactions API, NFT Transactions API, Financial Transactions API, and Derived Keys Transaction API explain the endpoints that will get you an unsigned transaction.
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    Sign: The developer will then take the output TransactionHex from the construct step's response, which encodes the user transaction, and signs it using DeSo Identity. You can read about signing transactions in thesign section of the Endpoints documentation.
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    Broadcast: The signed transaction will be sent through the /api/v0/submit-transaction by the developer so that it can be added to the blockchain ledger. The Submit a transaction submit explains how this endpoint works.
You can read more about Transactions in this section of the Identity documentation.
Submit a transaction
Get Transaction
Append Extra Data
Get Transaction Spending