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Node: Requirements

Description of hardware and software dependencies for your DeSo Node
Before running a node check your computer to verify the correct software and hardware is installed.


There is no strict minimum spec to run a DeSo Node, but to ensure optimal performance we recommend:
CPU: 8 cores, or more
RAM: 32gb, or more
Disk Space: 400gb, or more



Go to and select the operating system of your machine.
If you're mac is from 2020 or newer select Mac with Apple chip, otherwise select Mac with Intel chip.
If you're on windows select the Docker Desktop for Windows to begin downloading the installer.
Once the installer opens, step through the defaults and if you're on windows be sure to select the Install required Windows component for WSL 2, finally accept the terms and conditions.
Congratulations Docker is installed and ready to go!


Go to and download the installer for your operating system.
Download installer windows
Download installer mac:
Click through the installer.
Open your terminal of choice and execute the command git to verify it was properly installed. Your terminal output should look similar to the image below.
Congratulations, git is now installed and ready to go!